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Oleh: Andhika Wicaksono*

It probably makes sense to look at it like looking at organic things

You could see your heart started to wither because it was dehydrated

Not enough lovin’ for it to go on

It may got stuffy or stale

Because it has been tucked away securely inside the chilling refrigerator

You could look at it the way you look at a fruit

The fruit may went bad because you never offered it to someone else

Since preference is a thing and being rude is also a thing

Nor could you give it to yourself

Believe me, there’s only so much “i love you”s to the mirror can do

How you gave it can be looked at how you cooked it

You may gave it undercooked because you were worried you’d turn up the heat

so much it suffocates the room

You may give it overcooked because you’re worried there wouldn’t be enough heat to keep the room warm

But it’s organic

You decide whether it is just a waste

Remnants of what’s left, picked up never to be seen again

Or some sort of manure

Cuz all those states i mentioned

It pretty much things went to shit

In this weirdly particular case, your heart

So 2 a.m. brain thought, since it is now a figurative shit

How about use said figurative shit as a figurative nourishment

For my heart to grow and bloom again

A life cycle i guess

But it’s heartbreak, tears and snots

Them tears and snots actually could rehydrate my heart

Only if i let it, though it sounds gross

I want to cultivate my heart, myself

I hope that mine will be evergreen

I hope yours too

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*) Penulis merupakan mahasiswa angkatan 2019 Psikologi Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Brawijaya. Saat ini aktif di divisi PSDM LPM Perspektif.

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